Tips For Living With Wildlife

Wildlife is everywhere.  When you look out your window or if you go into your yard you are surrounded by millions if not billions of different forms of wildlife.  When we think of wildlife we think of birds, squirrels and your neighbors’ cat and dog.  However, there is an entire world that is unseen and all around us.  Some of these are great and helpful while others are dangerous and deadly.  For those that are dangerous and deadly, tick control alexandria is there to protect us.

Know your surroundings

The first way to protect yourself is to know your surroundings.  Do you have tall grass, standing water or other elements that are breeding grounds and homes for unwanted pests?  If so, you want to fist avoid them and then you want try to remove them safely from your environment. 

Keep food away

The next level of protection is to remove food.  You don’t want to have food in trash cans or laying around outside.  You want to have them sealed and disposed of properly.  When you do this, they are not going to be an attraction for these animals and pests.

Avoid triggers

tick control alexandria

You want to learn about and avoid triggers.  One trigger that most of us don’t think about is our blood chemistry and the scents that we set off for these pests.  One thing that has been discovered is that beer and other forms of alcohol are great attractions for mosquitoes.  If you drink beer or consume other forms of alcohol, then your blood will be affected.  Try to avoid this and your scent won’t be an attraction to them.  If you must drink, stay inside.

Do your own research

There is a lot of news and information out there.  Taking some time to do your own research and conducting your own experiments is a great way to help protect yourself and others from these pests.